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Your pathway to teachingFind out more

With added literacy and numeracy support, Educational Studies is your tailored pathway to a teaching degree.

What's the point of sex?Discover more

The first in a series of stories examining the biological, physical and social aspects of sex and gender.


Four bold questions for graduatesRead blog

Asking the right questions can make or break a job interview.

Aesop CEO engineers dream careerRead more

La Trobe alumnus Michael O’Keeffe says skills he gained as an engineer helped him succeed in the world of business.

Michael O'Keeffe

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Come help us celebrate our 50th anniversary, with delicious food, beer and wine; plus live music, film screenings and much more!

Why are most people right handed?Discover more

Roughly 90% of humans are right-handed – a trait that separates us from most other primates.

right handed

How will the west manage Russia?Read more

Donald Trump has conceded that Russia sought to influence last year’s US presidential election.

Russia management